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Poland: Krakow

A place I’ve been wanting to go since… forever, basically. Almost made it when I was living in Berlin, except that my passport was being held by the Russians for a new visa, and this I only remembered the morning my friend was picking me up to drive over. It was well worth the wait.

Poland: Wroclaw

The next day we met up with the cousins in this super cute town that’s going to be a Euro Cultural Capital next year. Wroclaw is known for its gnomes, apparently. Another great thing about Eastern Europe is its shared love of Georgian food. And, of course, ICE CREAM, international food of happiness.

Poland: Warsaw

I’ve transited through Poland many times in the 90s – in fact my passport at that time had more Polish stamps in it than any other country. But I’d never stopped long enough to see anything other than the Warsaw train station. So, when my cousin AnneliĀ (check out her very clever travel blog!) mentioned she […]