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Villa Fiori

Once again, it’s our last full day in italy for this trip. We went to Bagni Caldi for facials and then discovered this little park on our way back…   The villa is being renovated as part of the Bagni di Lucca Master Plan.         Fortunately, we’ll be back again in July […]

cacio e pepe

On my flight back from Dubai earlier this month I watched some crazy travel show — Anthony Bourdain goes to Rome, or something… the host was extremely annoying — one of those shows better watched without the sound. However when they got to the food, I turned up the sound. He raved about this particularly […]


Inviato dal mio telefono

veggies, pasta & veal

Inviato dal mio telefono

cena con le ragazze

For our first festa this summer, we made Pollo Pieve and stuffed zucchini flowers. We rolled small chicken breasts around a few pieces of red onion, garlic and aged pecorino di Garfagnana, wrapped them in prosciutto toscana, then fried them in a polenta-chestnut flour batter, sprinkled with fresh rosemary. We did the same with the […]

i macelli time!

Inviato dal mio telefono Ravioli di castagne e pasta con tartufo nero!

country music at the art monastery

First stop on Estate 2010 en Italie: The Art Monastery Project and their American Country Music Festival. Jennie Knaggs and her cowboys were excellent! Just like Bakersfield & Hee Haw days… Inviato dal mio telefono

una nuova bicicletta

Inviato dal mio telefono We discovered a new bike store where the sports clothing store used to be (it moved last year) – and wouldn’t you know they had exactly the bike I need: a 24 speed mountain bike for a relatively affordable price. I bought the bike and rode it home, while david did […]

lawn robot in borgo

Inviato dal mio telefono Our first walk through town this year: We slept well through the morning and made it out around 4 pm, just as everyone else was waking up from their afternoon naps. Perfect cappuccino at il Gecko, and then a visit to the produce man for fresh oranges and over the bridge. […]


After a satisfyingly low-key pizzeria dinner in Rome last night, my wonderful traveling companion Beth left early this morning. I spent the morning working in the hotel, checked out and caught the next train to Florence. I had left my black truffle in the car, seeing no need to carry it around. The truffle smell […]