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La Mora… no mora :(

We were very sad to find out one of our most favorite restaurants is no longer open. This being our first long stay in two years, we were hoping to visit La Mora. I tried to call for a reservation, but fast busy. Website down. We’ll drive by and see if we can get a […]

cacio e pepe

On my flight back from Dubai earlier this month I watched some crazy travel show — Anthony Bourdain goes to Rome, or something… the host was extremely annoying — one of those shows better watched without the sound. However when they got to the food, I turned up the sound. He raved about this particularly […]


After a satisfyingly low-key pizzeria dinner in Rome last night, my wonderful traveling companion Beth left early this morning. I spent the morning working in the hotel, checked out and caught the next train to Florence. I had left my black truffle in the car, seeing no need to carry it around. The truffle smell […]

il soushi del garfagnino

Inviato dal mio telefono Had this at I Macelli tonight: it was steak tartare topped with pickled onions, hard boiled egg and smoked salt, served with pineapple, cherry sauce and mayonnaise. strange. but pretty good.

How do you say Pickle in Italian?

Pickles are one of my absolute favorite foods. Funny, because I hate cucumbers. I was the only one in my family that liked pickles. Whenever we went to McDonalds, before the chicken mcnugget days, I got all my brothers’ pickles. I hated Burger King because they could order their burgers “ketchup only” … I was […]

bella makes dinner

Tonight’s dinner is just a snack, then I’m crashing. We picked up some Prosciutto toscana, fresh local mozzarella, pesto, focaccia, tomatoes and fresh basil from the garden, then Bella made me these lovely little bruschetta for us

Pane di mais

Isabella made this delicious corn bread for our driving and train trips this weekend before we left. We adapted a recipe from epicurious: 1 c white flour 1 c polenta 1 T baking powder (we used baking ammonia because that’s all we had… but I think it might have been too much) 4 T butter […]

Vigna Ilaria

Our last day in Tuscany, we picked up Annie at the Lucca train station. She was supposed to arrive on Wednesday at 1, but somehow she couldn’t get on a train from Florence to Lucca. We waited until 1:30, watching a train from Florence arrive, but not seeing her, getting hungry and worried that we’d […]

pranzo a lucca

Inviato dal mio telefono Very nice restaurant near Mercato. Gelateria Santini — the very best chocolate gelato… Across the piazza from the Lucca chapter of the Italian Communist Party.

Granita di melone

Bella made this very delicious dessert for us tonight! She did all the work: scooped out the cantaloupe, mashed it up and mixed in a little water with miele di girasole. Then put it in the freezer, examining it every hour. The pizzas also turned out fabulous.