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La Petrognola

I wanted to go to Piazza al Serchio for Easter, but I didn’t know it was the home of my Favorite Italian Beer. Next time I am going to insist we visit!


I love grapefruit, but even this seemed a bit odd. Bella insisted I should try it. So today for lunch (last night’s left-overs), I did. Not horrible… sort of like beer mixed with fresca, without the icky saccharine aftertaste. Not something I could drink everyday, it’s a bit too sweet and soda poppy for beer. […]

corte della campana

Tonight we had our wine tasting class at La Corte dei vini. three very different white wines, and two excellent “little brother” tuscans, and we learned what the marketing term “super tuscan” means. this was our final bottle. Inviato dal mio telefono

croatian blackberry wine

David & I picked up this wine at the market in Zagreb last month for a few kuna. Honestly, I was a little afraid to try it… the old guy selling it just had a few bottles and some random junk on an otherwise empty table. All the bottles were different. Not even a real […]

a day at home in italy

After spending a beautiful Friday morning walking all over Venice fresh off the night train, we took the noon train to Florence and arrived home to Pieve di Cerreto Friday evening. All looked good… house still standing, electricity still on (though we discovered today that it must have been out for a while since everything […]

l’ultima birra

Mi piace questa birra. Inviato d’italia via il nostro n95!


for dinner tonight: nostrano cervogia artiginale… i added rosemary and garlic to my zucchini flower tonight. yum.

Vino bianco

Dinner Senese

Perfetto. Course 0: salad of fresh tomato, cucumber, onion, garlic, bread Wine: Pinot noir prosecco Course 1: tuna tartare with anchovies and peanut sauce Wine: Pinot grigio Course 2: steamed calamari with basil, squash and tomato Wine: Gevurztraminer Course 3: prawns with bacon over beans Course 4: Monkfish with jellyfish flakes, tomatoes and gnocchi Wine: […]


Di Sicilia… This red wine finished our meal (before the muscato di Puglia)… the very best meal I have ever had, at Tre Cristi in Siena. More photos to come when i’m on a real connection.