chicken and mayo

We’ve been in Italy a lonnnnnng time! I think this is our longest stay yet, and Bella is getting antsy for something other than italian food. So she tried out this recipe for sweet and sour chicken:

Which worked pretty well, although we couldn’t get fresh ginger (but had ginger powder), skipped the bell peppers, and used a red onion scallion instead. Also our ketchup was actually “cherry tomato sauce”… it had other veggies and sugar in it, so figured close enough.

And then I noticed the four lemons still sitting on the counter and remembered… Mayonnaise! Plus, I actually have an immersion blender here, so I gave it a whirl. I used 1 yolk, a few crushed cloves of garlic, a few chopped sage leaves, a big tablespoon of lemon juice and a cup of extra virgin olive oil (some people say it makes the mayo “bitter”… but I love that rustic olive taste myself). Literally three seconds later I had the best mayonnaise ever. I added a few drops of truffle oil and presto. Heaven on a tomato!

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