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Budino al Limone… senza uova

Our last night here after a wonderful and productive six weeks. Sad to leave, as usual, but looking forward to trying some of this summer’s recipes in my fabulous Cambridge kitchen this year. Last night Bella made her brownies to use up the eggs. All I have left to use up are 2 lemons and […]

chicken and mayo

We’ve been in Italy a lonnnnnng time! I think this is our longest stay yet, and Bella is getting antsy for something other than italian food. So she tried out this recipe for sweet and sour chicken: Which worked pretty well, although we couldn’t get fresh ginger (but had ginger powder), skipped the bell […]


Tonight’s dinner brought to you by a comfort food fantasy. It’s been a little cooler here and overcast, so less incentive to get out early. Bella found this recipe and we adapted it for our kitchen: Heat oven to 240C. Boil about 4 cups water with 2 chopped carrots, a half bunch of chopped celery […]

bella slices it up

best pizza yet! > >

mela pizza

Tonight’s pizza: Whole wheat crust, garlic-rosemary-olive oil, gorgonzola cream sauce, green apples, sausages, mozzarella. That is all.


We had 500 g of leftover potatoes. And Giuliana just brought us some fresh eggs. Now that we are back in business with a new bombolo of gas, we decided it was time to make the famous Garavelli Gnocchi. Boiled the potatoes and then mashed them with a big fork. Added one beaten egg with […]


We first drove here in 2007 and didn’t find anything of interest. This time we took the train and found a statue greeting us on the platform. That was about it for this town.

Lungo il Tevere Roma

Leslie took this fabulous photo of us on her last night in Italy

tavolo di gusti

so much yumminess here: fresh bread from this morning’s shopping, Lucchese olive oil, truffle butter from our local deli, and homemade jams from our local produce shop: pear, apple-pepperoncini, apricot-almond.

Birra Artiginale al Farro

Finally made it to Piazza al Serchio and had this excellent brew at the local pizzeria, along with Speck + Mascarpone and Zole e Cipolla pizzas. Ventured a little further to the village of Petrognola and saw them setting up for a movable feast tonight (and tomorrow – maybe we’ll make it back there). The […]