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Le Panthéon

We had an 8 hour layover in Paris yesterday, so we hopped over to the Latin Quarter, had crepes for lunch and visited the pantheon, where we saw Foucault’s Pendulum and the tombs of Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Madame Curie, Aime Cesaire… a very productive visit! But when we finished, it was raining hard so we […]

e per dessert

This recipe actually worked as written, although we added a little cornstarch to the peaches since the syrup didn’t quite happen: We were very impressed! Went very well with our fragolino and blackberries.

bella brownies #2 2011

The scent is intoxicating! Must eat now…

solar train

Is this a new thing in Italy? This was our Borgo-Lucca commuter train last week. Perhaps understandably it was running late…

La Mora… no mora :(

We were very sad to find out one of our most favorite restaurants is no longer open. This being our first long stay in two years, we were hoping to visit La Mora. I tried to call for a reservation, but fast busy. Website down. We’ll drive by and see if we can get a […]

kievski snack

Villa Fiori

Once again, it’s our last full day in italy for this trip. We went to Bagni Caldi for facials and then discovered this little park on our way back…   The villa is being renovated as part of the Bagni di Lucca Master Plan.         Fortunately, we’ll be back again in July […]

La Petrognola

I wanted to go to Piazza al Serchio for Easter, but I didn’t know it was the home of my Favorite Italian Beer. Next time I am going to insist we visit!

cacio e pepe

On my flight back from Dubai earlier this month I watched some crazy travel show — Anthony Bourdain goes to Rome, or something… the host was extremely annoying — one of those shows better watched without the sound. However when they got to the food, I turned up the sound. He raved about this particularly […]

Sirena di castelnuovo

Saw this in the river yesterday…