Catching up

The last three years only allowed for short little visits. Infrequent visits mean bills get missed (and the heater got left on after the xmas visit), and as a result the power was shut off in July 2013 (but reactivated, thankfully), and the phone/DSL was shut off around March 2014 (and Telecom Italia won’t reactivate it without paying them even more money, despite the fact that they continue to bill me for bizarre amounts even though the original missed bill was paid long ago and there has been zero activity on the line since they shut it off). Someday, when I’m there for more than a week, I’ll figure out how to set up service again.

So, while it’s a little less expensive to maintain now, it’s also less optimal for working. So, this summer, Carl and I took an Italian + Cooking class in Florence!



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