We had 500 g of leftover potatoes. And Giuliana just brought us some fresh eggs. Now that we are back in business with a new bombolo of gas, we decided it was time to make the famous Garavelli Gnocchi.

Boiled the potatoes and then mashed them with a big fork. Added one beaten egg with our new Persian blue salt from Siena, fresh ground pepper and nutmeg. Stirred in 1/4 c grated parmesan. Then came time for the flour — used about 2 1/2 cups of flour total, kneading it in and then rolling out the gnocchi. I seem to have sprained my thumb in one of my ankle-twisting falls a couple weeks ago, so I could only break off the bits and roll them between my palms. The dough was very light and fluffy though – and sticky.

Bella made gorgonzola sauce (just cream and cheese), and I threw in some caramelized red pepper and onions with rosemary. Topped it all off with thin apple slices.

The wine I bought at Conad today, upon the recommendation of a random man who said it was molto piu buono than the other one I was considering. Not bad!

Now to watch the Tony awards, finally!

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