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If you get to the bridge, you've gone too far...

Coming from the other side of the river, this is what it looks like (33 MB, quicktime)

In Borgo a Mozzano, turn left when you see Mi Bar on via Umberto

Turn left here, at the sign for Cerreto

Drive up this street

This is Nicoletta's office, 20 Garabaldi Square

Stay to the right here and just follow this road.

This restaurant, I Macelli, is really good.

Keep driving until you see the sign...

Turn right into the parking lot

Walk up this driveway...

Take these steps to the church courtyard

This is a basement door, but it doesn't open.
The small door on the ground with the lock is the gas closet.

From the courtyard, looking down another walkway to the street

Our front door

Kitchen door with keys

Inside Keys
- kitchen door: skeleton key in lock
- basement door: round key on end
- gas closet: tiny key
- mail box: square key on end

Open the kitchen door and walk down these steps...

Open the basement door with the key, light switch is on the right.

Plug in the hot water heater

Turn on the gas tanks (to use the stove and oven)

Wireless Router (SSID: mauritius) and DSL modem
Turn on DSL modem (red push button in back)
Plug in linksys router