Gallery 2 Image Frames


To build your own image frame:

  1. Examine the diagram at left and the files for existing image frames to understand how the frames are constructed. It is not required to use all cells in the diagram. The TT/BB/LL/RR cells repeat their image to fill available space; all other cells show the image just once.
  2. Create a new directory here (under modules/imageframe/frames) for your image frame.
  3. Place your images in that directory.
  4. Copy an existing file into that directory and modify it to work with your images and sizes. The name of the image frame is also defined in this file.
  5. The new image frame should now appear in the list of choices for any theme that uses image frames.

Note: you can force a frame to be square: the image/thumb retains it's aspect ratio centered in a square frame ('square' => true in The holes around non square thumbs left/right or top/bottom are filled with the background image given in 'imageCC'. That image is aligned center and fills all available space. See slidesquare/ and notebooksquare/ for examples.

Note: you can also create a simple image frame using only CSS on the image; see dots/ for an example.

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