cacio e pepe

On my flight back from Dubai earlier this month I watched some crazy travel show — Anthony Bourdain goes to Rome, or something… the host was extremely annoying — one of those shows better watched without the sound. However when they got to the food, I turned up the sound. He raved about this particularly Roman dish where they saute the cooked pasta with pecorino and pepper just enough to make a sauce, and then in this restaurant they serve it in a Parmesan bowl. I told Bella about this and we had to try it.

Thursday night, we attempted our first Parmesan bowl with a beautiful chunk from our local Self Service. I had a little chopped rosemary, so I threw that in as well.

The first one was perfect, the next one, close.It turned out perfectly — the trick is to bake the cheese circle just enough so that it’s light brown — it should hold together but still be soft. The second one was pretty good, but I think we let it get a tad too cold before we pressed it onto the bowl for the mold and we lost a little on the side. Still delicious nonetheless. And especially with the linguine alla castagne we had acquired earlier in the week.


chestnut pasta with cheese and pepper


In fact, it was so good, we made it again on Friday night, but this
time we threw chopped basil in the Parmesan and sauteed chicken and
broccoli with the pasta. Two courses in one!

With Santa Cristinaa complete meal!


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