Vigna Ilaria

Our last day in Tuscany, we picked up Annie at the Lucca train station. She was supposed to arrive on Wednesday at 1, but somehow she couldn’t get on a train from Florence to Lucca. We waited until 1:30, watching a train from Florence arrive, but not seeing her, getting hungry and worried that we’d miss lunch, we left. I’d given her directions to Pieve di Cerreto so if she was going to be late, she could still get there. We got home at 5 and found messages from her at 4:30 saying she was at the Station. Apparently she had called the wrong number and left a message saying she’d be there at 3 on the bus. Oh well. Thursday she showed up, though 20 minutes late, with a new friend, Bruno, an artist in Lucca. We took them up to Pieve di Cerreto, where Bruno declared it a truly wonderful place and made instant friends with our neighbors. Isabella decided we should try a new restaurant, Vigna Ilaria. Bruno had been there and said it was very good. He also knew where it was, which was good because I would have never found it otherwise!


Dinner, as expected, was wonderful. We had oysters, foie gras, and lunette with truffles and porcini.


Isabella had her favorite prosciutto e melone, and pasta with lobster.

Our waiter, Cedric, was a doll. Definitely adding this one to the list!

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